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Cosmetic Crown Lengthening

Cosmetic Dentistry

This process can help to eliminate the gum tissue visibility when you smile.

When you look at teeth in the mirror, did you notice your teeth look too small?
When you smile do see more of your gums than a smile?
If you answered yes to one of these questions, you can get great befits from this cosmetic crown lengthening procedure and your good candidate.
Dr Azim is the best at cosmetic in Los Angeles and can help you with crown lengthening in Los Angeles offices.

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What is Cosmetic Crown Lengthening?

Cosmetic crown lengthening is dental procedure that removes gum tissue to expose more of the teeth. This cosmetic procedure is also known as gum lift. This process can help to eliminate the gum tissue visibility when you smile. This make your teeth look longer and proportional with each other. This procedure can be used to fix an uneven gum line and this helps the teeth to look symmetrical with perfect smile.

What are the benefits of Cosmetic Crown Lengthening?

Cosmetic crown lengthening can benefit your overall dental health and also giving you more cosmetic amazing smile. The risk of tooth decay is less because now the tooth is more exposed and the brushing and flossing can easily be reached.

How is Cosmetic Crown Lengthening performed?

Cosmetic Crown Lengthening is performed under local anesthesia and is an oral surgical procedure that Dr. Azim and his team work together to accomplish an amazing smile. Dr. Azim will perform the procedure in our Los Angeles facilities. When the area is numbed, Dr. Azim will pull excess gum tissue away from your teeth by make small incisions in your gums. In some patient cases the doctor may need to remove some small bone that is covering the crown. When the gum and bone tissue has been removed the doctor will get the treated area clean and suture. For a couple of days after your cosmetic procedure, you will be using soft food diet and brush carefully because you don’t want to harm the area. A mild pain reliever like Tylenol or Advil might be used by patients with mild pain and after a few days the patient will feel fine. A follow-up appointment for check up for healing is required in a week to make sure everything healing well.

How can I learn more about Cosmetic Crown Lengthening?

Dr. Azim expertise will be happy to help you be better understand Natural Smile Design in Los Angeles locations. Please feel free to call Torrance office at and schedule an appointment online in our Los Angles office.


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